Mathematik Neue Wege SII Englischsprachige Ausgabe für die Schweiz (Immersion)

Arbeitsbuch 1

Abbildungen und Probeseiten


ISBN 978-3-0359-1427-6
Gymnasium, Fachmittelschule, Berufsmittelschule , Berufliche Grundbildung, Brückenangebote
Schulfach Mathematik
Seiten 280
Einbandart Festeinband
Schuljahr Sekundarstufe II: 1. Klasse

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Das Arbeitsbuch Mathematik Neue Wege in der englischen Eins-zu-eins-Übersetzung entspricht in Inhalt und Seitengestaltung der deutschen Ausgabe, sodass im Unterricht und Selbststudium parallel mit beiden Sprachversionen gearbeitet werden kann.

As the central medium of the series, the textbook pursues an approach in terms of conception and design which leads to mathematical definitions and procedures through everyday situations and tasks. At the same time, it attaches great importance to routine learning. It supports a teaching culture which transcends the dominance of the basic pattern "short introduction, algorithmic core (theory segment), practice" in favour of a variety of methods with open and student-active forms of learning.

A repetition chapter at the beginning of the series allows for independent processing, consolidation and deepening of the required content and skills from the Sek I and introduces the learners to new content, so that they can follow on in the Sek II with confidence.

The chapters are divided into levels, offering a wide range of options for purposeful mathematics lessons and taking different levels of performance into account. Each learning section is divided into three levels: green, white, green.
The first green level offers various apt approaches to the topic of that learning section and activates basic knowledge. This takes the form of interesting tasks encouraging activity and thought, which build on the experience of the learners and address their different interests and learning styles.
The white level begins with a short introduction to the central basic knowledge, which is summarised in a highlighted box. This content is then worked through and consolidated in a variety of ways. The tasks to this end are short and varied; they not only enable learners to work through the material operatively but also include applications and connections as well as exercises for the shaping of routines.
The second green level is dedicated to extension and deepening. This level contains the optional content for that particular learning section. An essential strand is the integration of tasks into contexts and applications. A second aspect is aimed at more open forms of teaching (experiments, group work, projects), and a third is aimed at appropriate stimulation for problem solving (brainteasers). Vividly and clearly designed reading texts and information (digressions) are also featured.

At the end of a chapter, repetitions appear in the so-called "Check-up", which brings together clear summaries and additional, short training tasks with the solutions at the end of the book. There are also overarching exercises in the "Cement and integrate your knowledge - Miscellaneous exercises" section, the solutions for which are available for download at . In this, exercises are specifically ordered according to the three areas of "Training", "Understanding" and "Applying" in order to deal with the contents of a chapter in more detail and to promote the understanding of the mathematical skills behind them.
An extensive Compendium with concise and clearly compiled basics as well as a compact Keywords index complete the workbook.

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Keywords index

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Solutions for the miscellaneous exercises

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Solutions to Chapter 1

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Neuheitenprospekt 2020

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Mathematik Neue Wege SII Englischsprachige Ausgabe für die Schweiz (Immersion)
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